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What does a website cost? Web Site Development Costs


UPDATED FOR 2014 (PRICES ADJUSTED BECAUSE OF CHANGES IN THE MARKET, ADVANCEMENTS IN PROCESS, AND TECHNOLOGY) This post has been updated a number of times throughout the years. This is currently it’s 4th major revision since its first posting in 2010.  You probably came here in the process of doing research. Are you a small ...


LotsCashNow | Launching an Online Business for Fast Cash


As much as we would like to, Atilus does not do a lot of “first” websites for companies. The best thing we can do for a client is offer a fully organized plan that comprises of website development and marketing in order to ensure the best possibility for success. Not all new startups prefer the ...


How to Create a Great Website


Today we received an inquiry from a potential client in San Francisco who has been struggling with a dilemma. It’s perfectly related to what I’ve been wanting to talk about – How to Create a Great Website. In fact, we wrote about creating a great site 7 years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long!). ...


Complicated Construction: The Stages of Web Development

businessman hand showing search engine optimization as concept

So, I’ve been sitting at my desk for the last few minutes contemplating the professionalism of an old blog article I wrote back in 2010 regarding the correlation between websites and underwear. Apparently I have not matured past that, as I still look at that article as one of the more insightful (Latin for “makes ...


How to Deal With Troublesome Software Projects


I have debated the title for sometime. You can swap out “troublesome” for “bad,” “crappy,” “complicated.” And I’d say most developers would swap out “software projects” for clients. But I think both would do one’s company a disservice. As the gate keepers of online marketing and software projects, it’s our responsibility to “deal with troublesome ...


Business Partnership Success in a Man-Eat-Man World


My wife and I have had to give up a lot of recently. Between having a five month old foster child at home and both of us working extra hours at work and on our volunteer activities, extra time has not been on our side. As a result, we have been refining our television viewing ...


The Web Design Process

process Image

At Atilus, we’re always trying to get better. I’ve mentioned “process” so many times over the years that now when the “P” word comes out of my mouth, people roll their eyes. This post is part historical record of our process, part breakdown of our current process, and just an even deeper look into the ...


Public Relations Society of America – Sunshine District | Reaching Internal and External Goals with New Website


Atilus loves each and every client. Part of that loves comes from a deep desire for challenges. Each client or project provides different challenges, making every website a completely unique creation. Challenges come in many forms. Sometimes the challenge focuses on technology, sometimes on the creativity of the design, sometimes even with the timing of ...


Stearns Custom Builders | A Lesson in Website Quality Control


As the old adage goes, one never stops learning until they die. Even for experienced web designers, there is always learning and growing; in fact, part of Atilus’ corporate mandate is that each employee participate in continuing education on an on-going basis. This gives the client the best possible product from development specialists who choose ...

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